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Themistoklis Avramidis

Tokomboloimou.gr is a family business that was inspired by Themistoklis Avramidis.

Themis, as his friends called him, from his young age he liked the objects with “history”. Since 1985, among other things, he has been collecting rare kombologia (rosaries) of precious and semiprecious stones. Amber , black yusuri, ivory, bone, ebony, etc. He was using a rosary from an early age depending on the circumstances and his psychology. His favorite were the big heavy amber rosaries with a rich silky tassel. His love for the history of the place where he grew up and loved was known.

Making endless walks in the bazaars, Themis talked with the antique shop owners for various items. He loved and respected them, because every one of them he said had its story.

 His passion, for the nice and special item, led him in 2002 to open the shop “Tobacco Shop” which was based in Grevena and had a wide range of rosaries – kombolologia and smoker items, chosen by him one by one.

He was a supporter of the original kombolói and he liked to see it in the hands of the female sex.

His particular love and knowledge of the kombológia also spread to his children, which with this online store carry out one of the projects that Themistocles did not succeed in realizing as long as he was alive.

To choose a rosary, you have to agree your fingers and your ears. To listen to the bead’s beating, to feel the touch and the warmth on your fingers.


Έλλη Αβραμίδου

Elli Avramidou, Sales Manager at tokomboloimou.gr

Elli, from a very young age, loved everything that had to do with the handmade. From the age of eight, she made handmade jewellery with beads and thread and sold it in her neighborhood.

When the family business was opened, Elli was 14 years old and spent several hours of the day observing the way her father worked and always serving with smile. Their shop, as she said, loved it very much. Next to her father, she learned to first respect loving the object that would later enter a home and make a human happy. Her hobbies, to make various objects. After finishing her studies, she took over the family business. With this site, she realizes one of her common dreams with her father.




dimitrios avramidis


Dimitrios Avramidis, Website Construction-Management

Dimitris, from a young age, showed his interest in technology. From the age of 16 and later, alongside his studies in Information Technology, he worked in the family business. He continued his studies abroad, where he finally lived and worked there for several years in the largest multinational companies of Informatics. After acquiring the appropriate knowledge and experience he returned to Greece and together with his sister Elli they created this online store.